A trip to Cancun Mexico  Map

This trip to Mexico, was taken by Celeste & Chelsea. This was because William, Jeremy and myself were in Vail, CO enjoying the snow. I am saddened to say that there were no pics taken while we were at Vail, however, as you will see in this post, Celeste & Chelsea took some good pics.

Waiting for the Tour Bus to Tulum

Playa Del Carmen, waiting for the tour bus to Tulum to explore the Mayan ruins there.

Teaching a Giraffe to Talk?

Chelsea is explaining to this giraffe, that she has been really good all year, and there is no reason why she should not get lots of nice Christmas presents.

What is the right way to eat Tacos?

Chelsea is explaining to Celeste how to eat tacos. Celeste is listening politely, as she enjoys her meal.

Resort Pool Area

This is a nice picture of the resort that Chelsea & Celeste stayed at, you can see the Gulf of Mexico in the background.

Resort Pool Area

This is a picture of the resort pool area. Ah, Mexico in the winter time is nice!

Resort Beach Area

When you get there early enough, you get your pic of the beach chairs! This rule applies equally to cruise ships !

Am I lost?

Celeste is apparently reading the resort documentation - probably to determine what the next fun thing to do would be.

Do I Have to Pay for These?

I think Celeste was about to pick up a lime from the basket, when Chelsea snuck up and took this picture!

Hiking around the Resort

Chelsea & Celeste were out exploring the resort and came across this interesting spot.

Hiking around the Resort

The Lipford girls exploring, and a nice tourist took this picture of them. Beautiful day for a stroll!

Local Critters

One of the local Mexican critters letting the Lipford Girls know that they were getting too close.

Local Critters

This local critter didn't mind people, and swam over to have it's picture taken.

Where is that Waiter?

Everyone waiting for the bar waiter to show up again. Gives you an idea of how laid-back it is there doesn't it?

Where is that Waiter?

Quick, somebody get up and go grab that waitress! If we don't get our drink order in, it could be 10 minutes or more before she comes back again.

Somebody hand her the suntan Lotion!

A vacation moment; Chelsea is working on her tan, relaxing.


This guy is either a local bandito, or he is arriving to become part of the entertainment?


You gotta love that resort pool.

Entertainment is Starting

These guys are either part of the evening entertainment, or they are going to judge the horse back riding?

Entertainment is Starting

Celeste competing in the "fittest gringo" contest,so I guess the Mayan dudes are judging that competition?

Like This Hat?

Does this hat look good on me? Should I bring it back to Virginia when we leave?

I want a hat too!

After Chelsea saw how nice Celeste looked in that hat, she thought that she might want to get a hat for herself.

And this concludes their trip to Mexico, they flew back to Virginia where by now, William, Jeremy and I had also returned from Vail, CO. Needless to say, their tans were a lot better than ours!

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