Northern and Central California; A Two Week Driving Itinerary 

Due to COVID we planned to stick to traveling in the United States in 2021. Northern and central California has been on our list for a while...the lure of San Francisco, the hills, the seafood, giant redwood trees, wine country, Yosemite and Pacific Coast Highway are irresistible when you start thinking about it... California has the most diverse terrain in the United States. From the Mexican border to Oregon, it stretches for over 1,040 miles and includes jagged coastline, the Sierra Nevada mountains, central valley farmland, dry deserts and an ideal climate for growing wine. California has nine national parks which is more than any other state and 280 state parks. For those that love the outdoors, scenic cities, beautiful mountains, rolling hills and coastline and like to sample food and sip wine along the way - California is the place to see.

We are sharing with you our two week itinerary which is a loop, starting and ending in San Francisco. We had both been to San Francisco before but never together and it was convenient to fly directly to SF from Tampa... plus there is so much to see there we thought it was the ideal starting point with temperate weather, beautiful vistas and great food. We were excited to get away from the hot and humid Florida summer.

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Interesting Facts about California
  • California's size is 163,695 square miles (101,676,000 acres). 49,294,000 acres of California are part of either a National or a State Park. That represents 47.05% of the entire area of the State.
  • California has 280 State Parks, which is one of the largest State Park Systems in the world. Those State Parks receive over 68 million visitors every year.
  • California's overall size is 163,696 square miles, of which 155,959 square miles of are land and 7,737 square miles are covered by water. This makes California the third largest State ranked by area size; Alaska is #1 and Texas is #2.

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Trip Overview Map

As you can see in this overview map, we had a number of destinations (as well as a number of side trips) that would require a considerable amount of driving. Fortunately, we were able to break up the driving portions with frequent stops.

This is a standard Google Map, and all of the usual controls are available & usable. So if you wanted a "full screen map" you just need to click the upper right corner icon and the map will expand.

Locations / Start & End points are both San Francisco International Airport
  1. San Francisco Hilton Financial District.
  2. Bonita Point Lighthouse and Fort Baker area.
  3. Sausalito, CA.
  4. Santa Rosa, CA in the heart of the Sonoma County Wine District.
  5. Salida, CA - overnight rest stop along the way to Yosemite.
  6. Yosemite National Park, CA where we stayed at the Rush Creek Lodge.
  7. Frontieres Underground Garden Fresno, CA - this was an entertainment side stop, as we had read about this place and also wanted to get lunch.
  8. Santa Barbara, CA.
  9. Morro Bay, CA.
  10. Monterey Bay Inn, CA to explore Monterey Bay and Carmel by the Sea.
San Francisco   Map

We flew into San Francisco and our plan was to spend several days here and explore some of the sites we had not previously visited, as well as to visit an old friend of ours - and - have some good seafood. This is a photogenic city and it is easy to move about.

Click here for our San Francisco Page.

Bonita Point & Sausalito   Map

We visited this area on the day we departed San Francisco, and since we started the drive north to Santa Rosa early in the day, we decided to visit an area on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge that is not widely known. The Bonita Point area has previously been an Army Coastal Defense Artillery station and later was a missile base (and is now just an old Light House). The north side of the Golden Gate Bridge is adjacent to the Fort Baker area, and the route into Sausalito is just beyond.

We completed this phase of the trip with lunch in Sausalito, in a sidewalk deli that serves excellent food (the "Venice Gourmet Deli & Pizeria"). They provide sidewalk seating and a beautiful view of the Sausalito Bay.

Click here for our Bonita Point/Sausalito Page.

Santa Rosa / Sonoma County   Map

One of the reasons we visited Santa Rosa was because of it's location in Sonoma County, with a number of vineyards scattered around the county. Our first stop was at DeLoach Vineyards. They are located at 1791 Olivet Road northwest of Santa Rosa.

The wine tastings were comprised of their Russian River Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon and several different Pinot Noirs. We enjoyed the Chardonnay quite a bit, and obtained a bottle as we were departing.

Click here for our Santa Rosa/Sonoma County Page.

Muir Woods National Monument   Map

We had intentionally bypassed Muir Woods on the way to Santa Rosa because our National Monument reservations were not valid until the next day. Yes, you have to have a reservation from the Park Website as they only allow a certain number of cars to enter each day.

If you were to be in this area and you had a desire to see Muir Woods, there are tour bus services that will collect you from various locations and take you to the Park. Note that the parking restrictions do not apply to tour buses, because they drive in and drop you off and pick you up later. There is a park entrance fee of $15 per adult.

Click here for our Muir Woods Page.

Rush Creek Lodge & Spa, Yosemite National Park   Map

Rush Creek Lodge is not quite "inside" Yosemite National Park, it is located approximately 1.5 miles outside the Park on route 120. We wanted to have a place where we could relax after a day of hiking or site-seeing, a place where we could have an adult beverage and a comfortable bed - and this place met all of our expectations!

This is the newest Lodge in or near the Park, and it is really very comfortable; lots of parking, nice sized pool, super sized hot tube, dining room, and a nice bar.

Click here for our Rush Creek Lodge Page.

Yosemite National Park, CA   Map

This is a stunning park; it is not only geographically diverse, it is a huge park at 1,187 square miles, elevation rangee from 2,127 to 13,114 feet and contains five major vegetation zones. Curry Village is somewhat near the center of Yosemite, and it is 25 miles driving distance from the Rush Creek Lodge. Yosemite is also home to one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.

Click here for our Yosemite National Park Page.

Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno, CA   Map

We were just north of Fresno on Route 99 and we were ready for lunch. Celeste did some research on what there was to do or see in Fresno, and she discovered the Forestiere Underground Garden. After discussing it, Celeste did some further research and we agreed that we would combine a "lunch stop" with a visit to the garden site.

NOTE: You will find links to other informational sites on our blog page, including a direct link to the Forestiere Underground Gardens Website.

Click here for our Forestiere Underground Gardens Page.

Santa Barbara, CA   Map

Because of the fires burning in & around King's Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, we had to modify our trip plans because the cabin we had rented (in the Sequoia National Park area) to allow us to visit those two National Parks, was not available due to the evacuation requirements. So we wound up staying an extra day in Yosemite and we added a side trip to allow us to visit Santa Monica. My first ever software industry job had been in Santa Monica, so it was a treat to visit there again after all these years.

Santa Barbara was even nicer after a brief side-trip into Santa Monica - a more laid back vibe, beautiful beach and coastline and our stay at the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort provided us with an ideal location to explore this pretty city.

Click here for our Santa Barbara Page.

Coast Highway & Big Sur, CA   Map

The driving route north from Santa Barbara to Monterey Bay can be done several different ways, but if you have never driven the coastal route north, you will have never had the opportunity to see the diversity of California geography. We drove north on US 101 to Morro Bay, where we stopped for a photo opportunity and we then continued north on Route 1.

We had hoped to visit Hearst Castle, but unfortunately the access road to the castle was still being rebuilt after a storm damaged it. The castle complex was built by William Randolph Hearst and was designed by Julia Morgan during the timeframe 1919 through 1947.

Click here for our Pacific Coast Highway/Big Sur Page.

Monterey Bay, CA   Map

After the long drive up the Coastal Highway to reach Monterey, we were excited to get out of the car and begin to explore this area. Monterey's previous life as a "Sardine Cannery Town" ended in the early 1950's and they have been evolving into a tourist town ever since.

We had several restaurant "tips" that we wanted to research, the first being near to our hotel the "Monterey Bay Inn". The restaurant "Osteria Al Mare" was primarily an Italian Restaurant, good menu/good food and excellent service staff.

Click here for our Monterey Page.

Carmel-by-the-Sea & Point Lobos, CA   Map

Carmel is immediately south of Monterey and the most scenic way to arrive there is to drive south on the "17 mile loop" and exit once you've seen the Carmel beach area and head into the village section. The houses along the coast are all unique and all very expensive !

Point Lobos is south of Carmel and is a California State Reserve area that provides some hiking and beautiful Pacific Ocean views.

Click here for our Carmel-by-the-Sea/Point Lobos Page.

 Camera Equipment Utilized 
Nikon P-950
GoPro 9
  • California Road Trip Overview Page: This page will give you a view of the entire trip, including maps and other information regarding each of our destinations; click here to read more.
  • San Francisco: our arrival airport as well as our first adventure in California - we explored it via walking, cable car as well as uBer. Click here to view our San Francisco page.
  • Bonita Point & Sausalito: We visited this area as we drove north from San Francisco to wine country. Click here to view our Bonita Point & Sausalito page.
  • Santa Rosa / Sonoma County: This is the heart of Sonoma Wine Country, and we explored this area with enthusiasm. Click here to view our Santa Rosa / Sonoma County page.
  • Muir Woods National Monument: One of the few Coast Redwood Forests remaining, the trees are stunning. After hiking about, we headed north through Muir Beach & Stinson Beach. Click here to view our Muir Woods National Monument page.
  • Rush Creek Lodge & Spa: . A beautiful place to stay, right on California Route 120 at the western edge of Yosemite National Park. Click here to view our Rush Creek Lodge & Spa page.
  • Yosemite National Park: A large and beautiful park, with amazing geography. Click here to view our Yosemite National Park page.
  • Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno, CA: We discovered this interesting place as we were searching for a good lunch spot in Fresno. The way it was built, and how the builder created such a fascinating home was well worth the time we spent there. Click here to view our Forestiere Underground Gardens page.
  • Santa Monica, CA: The fires in Sequoia National Park forced us to revise our trip route plans, so we added an overnight stay in Agoura Hills in order to visit Santa Monica. Click here to view our Santa Monica page.
  • Santa Barbara, CA: This was the start of our "coastal drive" through California, and this city is such a great place to start such a drive. Click here to view our Santa Barbara page.
  • Coastal Highway, CA: Even though we were looking forward to seeing Monterey, part of our enthusiasm was due to being able to drive north on California SR-1 highway. Click here to view our Coastal Highway page.
  • Monterey, CA: Somewhat of a "living museum" but now adjusting to life as a "tourist destination", this is a neat town that has a split personality, ie; one part bayside beach tourist town and the other part a typical California beach town where residents live. Click here to view our Monterey page.
  • Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA: This was a day trip drive we took to Carmel-by-the-Sea as we drove south to hike at Point Lobos. Click here to view our Carmel page.

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